The MEANS platform is organised around several bodies:

  • The INRAE and CIRAD directors: apply the policy defined by the Steering Committee, supervise and participate in ...
  • The Operational Committee: is the platform's daily management body. It supports the decisions of the directors
  • The Scientific Committee: provides scientific leadership for INRAE CIRAD on issues of multi-criteria evaluation of agricultural and food systems. It proposes scientific and strategic orientations to the Steering Committee of the MEANS platform.

In this folder

Steering committee determines partnership policies, makes strategic and scientific choices and sets priorities for development
Operational team designs and develops platform tools (software, database, documentation, etc.) and trains and provides support to users
The MEANS Scientific Committee is composed of about 20 "permanent" scientists from INRAE and CIRAD, in addition to the members of the Steering Committee and the platform team. Other "non-permanent" scientists are invited depending on the issues addressed. The Scientific Committee meets once a year.

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