Download DEXiFruit

This tool is usable and common to all stone and pome fruit crops.

You can download the generic version of the DEXiFruit tool which does not contain any threshold values. However, if you are going to assess an orchard for knife apples, cider apples or peaches, you can use the DEXiFruit tool in its parameterised version for the chosen species.
The threshold values of the so-called "quantitative" input criteria have been created to match the characteristics of the species.

For normal use of DEXiFruit, we advise you to use the IZIEval.

The input data

After selecting the orchard(s) to be evaluated, it is advisable to quickly describe them in their contexts and to collect the data needed for the evaluation with DEXiFruit.
In case several systems are evaluated, it is also advisable to quickly describe them by tracing the source (date and name of the SoC) of the data. In the IZIEval software, a "Comments" space is dedicated to this traceability.
To help you retrieve the necessary data, documents containing all 57 input data are available below for the knife apple, cider apple and peach varieties:

These documents are used for data entry in IZIEval. They allow the description of all the input criteria:

  • a simplified definition
  • the list of possible choices
  • the value or choice made for the referent system

In this folder

The IZI-EVAL interface was developed to facilitate the use of models designed with DEXI. It allows a simplified management of the input and output data of the models, the realization of graphs and sensitivity analyses.
This document includes:

Modification date : 09 May 2023 | Publication date : 27 May 2021 | Redactor : MEANS