Download the IZIEval interface

The IZI-EVAL interface was developed to facilitate the use of models designed with DEXI. It allows a simplified management of the input and output data of the models, the realization of graphs and sensitivity analyses.

It was created to facilitate multi-criteria evaluations based on models developed with DEXi technology (Bohanec, 2008) by complementing the functionality present in this software.
It uses the command lines of the DEXi Eval file developed to evaluate alternatives in DEXi. For more information on DEXi Eval, please visit the DEXi website.
This interface was initiated in 2011 by INRAE and was programmed by Codelutin in 2011-2013.
The IZI-EVAL interface allows from models developed on DEXi :

  • to integrate the discretization step of the calculated values into qualitative values compatible with the DEXi formalism,
  • to complete the range of graphical outputs proposed by the DEXi model,
  • to perform sensitivity analysis on the imported decision trees,
  • to facilitate the restitution of an evaluation project by formalizing in an automatic way most of the elements related to the parameterization.
  • to return to the DEXi software to access functionalities not covered by the interface (e.g. modification of weights assigned to evaluation criteria)

The IZI-EVAL interface requires the presence and update of java. If after downloading, the IZIEval interface does not open correctly, please update java.

Modification date: 09 May 2023 | Publication date: 27 May 2021 | By: MEANS