Multi-criteria evaluation tool for the sustainability of cropping systems in fruit growing

DEXiFruits is a computer tool co-constructed by INRAE, CTIFL, IFPC and AGROCAMPUS OUEST to enable field players to assess the sustainability of fruit production systems in a given context.
DEXiFruits calculates the overall performance of the evaluated orchards. It can also be used as a dashboard to identify the strengths and weaknesses of these orchards and possible improvements. The tool is easy to use and requires data that is easily accessible to an arborist or advisor. All criteria are qualitative or correspond to value classes, specific to each fruit species. The user can also compare the performance of the evaluated production system with an average reference system.

Plan Ecophyto : l'exemple DEXiFruit from Philippe Boig on Vimeo.

An easy-to-use tool

It is sufficient to fill in multiple choice lists with data on the characteristics of the orchard being evaluated and its context:

  • Cultivation practices and inputs
  • Production cost and yield
  • Orchard layout
  • Context of the farm (hedges, climate and soil, market,...)
Operating procedure of the DEXifruits tool
Operating procedure of the DEXifruits tool. © Inrae

What is DEXiFruits for?

  • Evaluate the sustainability of systems on the 3 pillars: environment, economy and social
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses
  • Classify and compare the systems between them or with a reference system
  • Discuss, question and improve current orchards

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